Current Research

  1.       Connectivity building in Post-Authoritarian Regimes: Connecting Myanmar in political transitions

       Principle Investigator, Center for Global Communications Studies’s Internet Policy Observatory Annenberg Centre/University of Pennsylvania

Past Research

  1.      Mapping Privacy and Freedom across Europe

       CMPF/European Commission co-funded project

  1.       Media Pluralism Monitor - Measuring Internet Freedoms Across Social and Political Contexts

       CMPF/European Commission co-funded project

  1.     ICTs and the Global Governance of Peace and Security: The role of new media for Conflict Transformation Processes

     Principle Investigator, Grant Holder Norwegian Research Council - SAMKUL Program / University of Oslo    

  1.      Measuring Media Freedom and Pluralism in Europe

      European Commission / Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom - European University Institute

  1.     10 Tactics Remix (2011 - 2012)

      Research Consultant, Tactical Technology Collective

  1.     PhD Research (2006-2010)

     Title: “Digital Politics Divide: the digital divide in building political e-practices”

     Committee: Prof. Alexander Trechsel, Prof. Michael Alvarez, (CalTech), Prof. Donatella Della Porta (EUI), Prof. Jan Van Dijk (U.Twente)

  1.      EU-Profiler (2009-2010)

      Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies / European University Institute

  1.      New Media and the G8 Genoa (2001-2003)

      University “La Sapienza” of Rome