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Andrea Calderaro is a Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University. His research centers on Internet and International Politics, with a particular focus on internet governance, cybersecurity and conflict transformations, digital rights and freedoms, and the role of EU in the global internet policy debate.

He serves as Editor of the “Digital Technologies and Global Politics” Book Series at Rowman&Littlefield, as Chair of the ECPR Internet & Politics standing group, a member of the Global Internet Policy Observatory’s Advisory Group at the European Commission, and a member of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council board at the OECD. Previously, he has been Lecturer at the University La Sapienza of Rome in “New Technologies and International Relations”, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Internet and Society at Humboldt University, Research Associate at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom/European University Institute, Visiting Fellow at the California Institute of Technology, and directed the “ICTs for the Global Governance of Peace and Security” Project at the University of Oslo.

He is also affiliated to the Internet Policy Observatory at the Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS) at the Annenberg School for Communication / UPenn, to the Centre for Internet & Human Rights (CIHR) at European University Viadrina,  Sidney Democracy Network/University of Sidney, and he serves as Chair of the ECPR Internet & Politics standing group and a member of the Civil Society Information Society Advisory Council (CSISAC) board at the OECD.

He holds his PhD and M.Phil in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute.




Last update 01.Nov.2015

News, Publications & Forthcoming Events

  1. Appearance in Al Jazeera / InsideStory discussing the power of social media and digital images in International Politics  -19.August.16

  2. Talk at the Italian Parliament, “Consultation on Internet Governance” - 25.Nov.14 - Rome

  3. Keynote Panel “Crowdsourcing for Policy”, Internet, Politics, Policy Conf. ’14 - 25.Sept. 14 - Oxford Internet Institute

  4. WP: “Internet & Human Rights in foreign policy: comparing narratives in the US and EU internet governance agenda” RSCAS 2014/86

  5. Book Chapter: “Internet Politics Beyond the Digital Divide”, Springer, 2014

  6. Op-Ed “Threats and perspectives of Internet Freedoms in Turkey”, EUI Times - 7.May.2014

  7. Op-Ed “Will New Telecom Law Secure Freedoms in Myanmar Connectivity Developments?”, Internet Policy Observatory Blog/UPenn - 1.May.2014

  8. Op-Ed “Digitalizing Myanmar: Connectivity Developments in Political Transitions”, Internet Policy Observatory Blog/UPenn - 24.Feb.2014

  9. Op-Ed “Connecting Myanmar: telecom reform and political transition”, OpenDemocracy - 06.Febr.2014

  10. Op-Ed “Online Collective Action and Policy Change: shifting contentious politics in policy processes”, Oxford Internet Institute Policy & Internet Blog - 2.April.2013

Research Interests

  1. -Internet & International Affairs

  2. -Internet Governance

  3. -EU Internet Policies

  4. -International Communication

  5. -Cybersecurity and Cyberwarfare

  6. -Digital Rights and Freedoms

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